Change starts with 2-degree shifts

Follow the Money

Yesterday, an all-too-common event happened in professional sports. This one may or may not denigrate the optics of the PGA Tour and cheapen the product. Regardless, it compromised the veracity of the Commissioner of the PGA, Jay Monahan, and the league. The event is called “Hypocrisy” and after two years of maintaining that the PGA Tour would never sell out to the Saudi owned LIV Tour – The PGA Tour sold out to the Saudi owned LIV Golf Tour.

The Many Characteristics of Cancer

Words are energy.

The meanings that we attach to words are energy.

I was speaking to an old friend and ex-colleague yesterday who had cancer, but now, after treatment is in remission. I asked her how life was going and she said that her cancer was a wake-up call for her and that she was grateful for it. She went on to say that her life today is very different; her diet, her drinking and drug use, her approach to life, has all changed.

Life with ADHD

On February 11, 1985 at 2:00am I sat in a jail cell in Birmingham, Michigan. The wait for my dad to pick me up felt like eternity. I was 15 years old. At the time, smashing three floors of signs and stealing the metal die cut “EXIT” squares, in the apartment building that we just attended a party at, seemed like a great idea.

Children Open a Gateway

“If you are at a train crossing with your child and you are stuck on the tracks and only have time to save one of you – who do you choose?”

I have asked this question hundreds of times, and every single time I get the same answer: I would choose my child. Every parent I have ever asked that question to has said they would unconditionally give their life for their child or children.

Conflict Equals Growth

Have you ever read anything on any social media platform that makes fun of people who get tattoos of Chinese/Japanese symbols that never actually mean what the recipient thinks they mean?  Well, I’m that guy. And, I only found out a year in a half ago from a Chinese nurse that was treating my mother in the hospital.  See, I thought the symbol meant “Peace”, but it doesn’t. 

Stuff They Didn’t Teach you in School

All of my blogs are classified into 7 categories: You design your own life, You are more than your physical body, All your power resides in the present moment, Change starts with 2-degree shifts, Detach from the outcome of events in your life, Life is dynamic and Pursue your passion.  I can’t expect you to trust the truths that I have promoted without offering you some helpful suggestions on how to realize the results for yourself.

Life Without Alcohol

Three years ago I stopped drinking alcohol.  I never considered myself a heavy drinker.  I would have 1 maybe 2 drinks 1-2 times a week and mostly on the weekends.  And, although my summer drinking was a little more frequent, I never really felt it was out of control although the genetic predispositions were there.  See, my mother had struggled with alcohol abuse during my teenage years – but after attending her first AA meeting my senior year of high school, she remained sober (with 1 relapse) for the last 35 years of her life. Although alcohol played more of a leading role in my family dynamic growing up, I never really felt the addictive pull of it. 

Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

Your thoughts (imagination), which are anchored to and navigated by your belief systems are activated and propelled by your emotions which manifest the events that form the life you experience on a daily basis.


If you have ever taken time to contemplate your existence, your life, your circumstances and realized that it was time for a change, look no further than your “belief system” as the culprit for whatever you are experiencing in this present moment.  At the core of who we are and what we stand for to ourselves and the world at large, is a set of principles, ideologies and/or moral codes.

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