Changing Our Old, Outgrown Ways is a BITCH!

I have spent the last 58 weeks writing about everything from reincarnation to consciousness and our ability to create reality.  58 weeks of explaining that our thoughts and emotions, whatever they are, deliver our experience. That we are much more in control of shaping our own destiny than we think. That accidents really don’t happen. My life, your life is a result of a design that is mapped out in the dream state, Monroe’s focus levels and Jane Roberts “Seth” framework 2.  

This is my truth but living it, perfecting it has been a difficult undertaking.

I played in a golf tournament this past weekend with a partner and the state of my game was hard to take. The more it fell apart, the more I was unable to control my thoughts and emotions. The more we had to wait on every shot, the more I was unable to control my thoughts and emotions. The more we started losing, the more I was unable to control my thoughts and emotions. A vicious cycle.

I know better!

Writing about the rules of life is a lot easier than mastering them.

58 weeks of doling out a boatload of theory’s, beliefs about how the universe works, how relationships work, how life works. I have presented my thoughts, my convictions with transparency and a level of personal vulnerability. I am not sure if that was a subconscious or conscious decision. Regardless, it has revealed something important, the true fallibility of our lives.  Where mastery feels illusive and at best momentary.  And, then we must start all over.

As Ryan Holliday said, “The Obstacle is the Way”.

The obstacle illuminates our imperfections, shortcomings and forces us to confront them.  The obstacle also reveals a map for growth, for our evolution. Unfortunately, owning the map is only the beginning of a treacherous journey, treasure hunt. Achieving meaningful life change is rigorous and ultra-challenging.

Physiologically it means rewiring those neural pathways that don’t serve our best interest or highest good. Simply, it means changing our perspective and adopting a new way of thinking.

Sound easy?  Even with the instruction manual building the life we want is really, really difficult because we are working with belief systems that necessarily will not achieve the results we desire. We have built those systems over years, maybe lifetimes of experience. Our family upbringing and relationships have designed and reinforced our belief systems.  A lifetime of trials and tribulations have designed and reinforced our belief systems.  These belief systems, at one time, may have served to protect us. Now, they may or may not serve our highest good because we have outgrown them.  But, discarding them for new ones is a monumental undertaking that requires a mindset that we may not possess: Clarity, Introspection, Acceptance and Detachment and a Willingness for personal growth.

58 weeks of writing these narratives has been illuminating.

I have connected many of the dots that are my life over the last 58 weeks. Here are one of those connected dots:  Although we may understand portions of life’s instruction manual, building the person we aspire to be and living the life we desire may mean discarding many of the belief systems and personality traits that may or may not have served us in the past.  And, that, my friends, is a monumental undertaking.  One I have not nearly achieved.

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