All your power resides in the present moment

DO THIS if You Need A Way Out of a Difficult Situation

In 2010, my dad and I played in a 2-man golf tournament or Invitational, as they are called. After the first day of the two-day competition, we were in 2nd place. And, so we were paired with the 1st place team on the final day of the event. Sitting on the 1st tee waiting to hit our drives, I knew with every fiber of my being, that the next, roughly 4 hours of play with this other group was going to be disastrous, at best. At worst, there would be bloodshed. 

Stuff They Didn’t Teach you in School

All of my blogs are classified into 7 categories: You design your own life, You are more than your physical body, All your power resides in the present moment, Change starts with 2-degree shifts, Detach from the outcome of events in your life, Life is dynamic and Pursue your passion.  I can’t expect you to trust the truths that I have promoted without offering you some helpful suggestions on how to realize the results for yourself.

Don’t Quit

When I was younger I was a chronic quitter. High school wrestling and soccer, camp counselor, college fraternity, acting and the list goes on. 

Remembering back, at the time I had what I believed were legitimate reasons for quitting each endeavor.  I guess I could go through them, but I am not sure it really matters. What matters is that I quit. I started something with good intentions and when the road grew a little dark and challenging I shut down and turned away. 

Trust Your Intuition

I had a conversation last night with a person I work with and at some point, she said “I should have trusted my intuition…I knew this was going to happen.” I can tell you that during the past 53 years of my life I have said that same thing to myself too many times to remember.  Over the years I have developed a theory about “Intuition” that I would like to share with you.  It was only after I contemplated the theory within the context of my children, that I realized its value.

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