Pursue your passion – Do What Makes You Happy

Stuff They Didn’t Teach you in School

All of my blogs are classified into 7 categories: You design your own life, You are more than your physical body, All your power resides in the present moment, Change starts with 2-degree shifts, Detach from the outcome of events in your life, Life is dynamic and Pursue your passion.  I can’t expect you to trust the truths that I have promoted without offering you some helpful suggestions on how to realize the results for yourself.

The Happiness Formula

A quick note about my previous post. I believe that all our decisions create probabilities or opportunities for us and using a grading system for our life choices doesn’t serve a greater purpose.  That said, taking time to reflect on past decisions, owning and ultimately learning from them is the reason why we are here.

I have been thinking about happiness lately and have realized that it doesn’t take much to make me happy.  Spending time with family and friends, golfing with my group, writing and eating pizza. Pretty simple. Did you know there is a formula for happiness?

Don’t Hijack Your Children

My wife and I have made the decision that it is our duty to allow our children the freedom to experience life from the driver’s seat and not as a passenger.

If you don’t believe in reincarnation this part might be hard to understand…but we all come into this life as a consciousness or soul that has had many experiences through various times and places. You have created relationships and experiences that flow through different lives. Realizing this, how can we assume responsibility for our children’s plans and contracts…by not allowing them the freedom to experience failure or success or heartache or disappointment or accomplishment, we hijack their potential to evolve.

Parent Each Child Uniquely

I have 2 children, Jake and Blair.  Julie and I both remember the day both were conceived and of course the day they were delivered.  Both have grown up in the same household, with the same parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts and cousins.  They both have attended the same schools and in some cases have had the same teachers.  What we have done for one, we have done for the other, including family vacations, friend and family get-togethers, holidays and special events.  And, neither of us play favorites, and so here is the $64,000 dollar, no, maybe today, because of inflation it is the $640,000 question “Why are my children so different”?

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