In 2012, I had been married to Julie for 10 years and we’d had two children, Jake and Blair. In those short 10 years of being married with children, I endured 20 lifetimes of experience…

I am not sure anyone or any instruction manual could have prepared me for that—I needed to go through it. That is when I thought sharing my experiences would be good therapy and maybe offer guidance to a soul in need. But, I never did it.  I wrote 15 narratives and shelved the idea.

In 2023, I resurrected those writings and committed to sharing my experiences as a husband, father, business owner and explorer of consciousness in a more public forum. I was entering a transformational stage in life. My kids were both in college and my marriage was adjusting to the empty nest phase. I had also reached a spiritual turning point in my life.  After years of immersing myself in everything from Hemi-Sync and binaural beat meditation to experiential therapy to shamanism to Jane Roberts “Seth” channelings and many more metaphysical explorations, I felt it was time to connect the dots.

These writings have helped me do that and I would like to share some of them with you in the hopes that one tiny insight can create a moment of clarity.

I hope you enjoy these narratives and if you ever want to speak or have something to say, you can email me at

Close to Home

These are hand picked narratives that will give you
a more in-depth peak into my life.

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