Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

Your thoughts (imagination), which are anchored to and navigated by your belief systems are activated and propelled by your emotions which manifest the events that form the life you experience on a daily basis.


If you have ever taken time to contemplate your existence, your life, your circumstances and realized that it was time for a change, look no further than your “belief system” as the culprit for whatever you are experiencing in this present moment.  At the core of who we are and what we stand for to ourselves and the world at large, is a set of principles, ideologies and/or moral codes. These convictions can be adopted from religious, political, philosophical, sociological or spiritual institutions or teachings and are continuously shaped and inspired by everything from our familial dynamics and experiences to peer groups and pressure to personal and mass experience.

Growing up, my brother and I had very different experiences at home, at school, at summer camp and with sports. Although I can understand having different experiences at school for instance, how did we have very different experiences at home? We shared the same parents and their parenting of us was very similar, the conditions growing up in the same home and moving multiple times were also very similar as was a host of other shared circumstances. Additionally, my children’s experiences, despite growing up in the same home and experiencing relatively consistent parenting from both of us, were also very different. Then, how is it possible that the experiences and relationships we forged with our parents, were very different? This scenario happens over and over again, because our own personal belief systems, which have been adopted, constructed and reinforced through everything from religious to ancestral to peer and past life dogma are all quite different and as such, create very different attracted life experiences. Simply put, we collect belief systems along our life’s path and that is why two children, growing up in the same household, with the same parents under very similar conditions can have vastly different experiences.  

If you are tired of the results that life is serving, change begins with as little as a 2-degree shift in your “belief system.” 

So, how do we do that?  Well, it is not as easy as it may seem, since you have constructed those beliefs over many years (and if you believe in reincarnation over many, many lifetimes), and your corresponding experiences have reinforced those beliefs, but here are some suggestions that may work.

Step One

Taking an inventory of your beliefs is always a good place to start. This inventory can include your beliefs about everything from God or a higher power; where we go after death; the role you play as a parent, spouse, and family member; your relationship with money; the role your pets play in our lives; our attitudes towards our job and careers and a thousand other “truths” that we hold on to.

Here is what Jane Roberts, in The Nature of Personal Reality, has to say about the exercise of inventorying your beliefs:

I would like you to recognize your own beliefs in several areas. You must realize that any idea you accept as truth is a belief that you hold. You must, then, take the next step and say, “It is not necessarily true, even though I believe it.”NOPR Part One: Chapter 2: Session 614, September 13, 1972

Step Two

Once you have identified those beliefs, pay attention to the beliefs that create limits and “… learn to disregard all beliefs that imply basic limitations” (NOPR Part One: Chapter 2: Session 614, September 13, 1972). At some level, I believe every person has a stable of limiting beliefs because they come in all forms. Here are some examples:

  1. Money – Money is the root of all evil, Rich people are greedy, I am just not good with money, money doesn’t bring happiness
  2. Weight – Everyone in my family is overweight, I am not a “gym” person, diets don’t work, losing weight takes too much effort
  3. Marriage – I don’t deserve a good marriage, all spouses cheat at some point, the man goes to work and the wife stays home
  4. Career – I can’t make a living doing something I am passionate about, I don’t have the skills needed for changing careers, I am only worth (?) a year in salary, I am too young to start my own business
  5. Relationships –My friends always leave me out and that’s ok, I just attract boyfriends/girlfriends that treat me poorly, my family always treats me like this

Step 3

Identify the source of those beliefs.  Where did it come from – Parents, Family, Friends, Religious or Political or Educational Institutions? I think you will find that when you begin to trace back the origins of some of these beliefs, you will realize your loyalty to them is due to conditioning over time, “it has always been that way” or “it is set in stone” or “because they said so” and not necessarily because you believe it fully or that it aligns with who you are.  

Once you have begun rethinking your belief systems and weaving those new beliefs into the fabric of your life you will start to see the effects of those shifts appearing as aligned experiences. Simply, your life will change. 

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