Life is dynamic

The Problem is Not the Problem

Rummaging around online one day, I found this quote: “The problem is not the problem.”

It resonated with me. I thought it described the nature of reality in very simple terms.

So, I added it to my list of screen savers. And now, I see it on my computer screen as it rotates through a bevy of sayings about every 9 minutes. Reminding me that what we think is the problem is, more times than not, not the problem.

The Teacher Appears When the Student is Ready

Recently I connected with a friend that happens to be a business coach, innovator, podcaster and spiritualist.  We shared stories about our current ventures and future projects. And, then interesting things began to happened – synchronicities or coincidences kept popping up. We stepped into each other’s lives for a purpose. In this moment in time, we are meant to serve as teachers for one another. Both of us students and teachers.

Wake Up! Wake Up! Wake Up!

On any given night, millions upon millions of people around the world turn on their TV’s and watch the news. And millions upon millions of people broadcast murder, assault, mayhem, death, robbery, fraud, sexual assault, rape, and too many more destructive human behaviors to name into their homes. Homes where our babies live, homes where our pets live, homes where our grade school children play and our teenage kids do homework, where our family cooks dinner and eats, where we entertain guests and the place where everyone in the family sleeps.

Numerology: Your Lucky Numbers

This is my 40th Post. Numbers are energetic and as such, hold meaning and carry with them very specific and special messages.

“The Number 40 is a message…to keep up the great work you have been doing. The hard work you have been toiling at, lifetime after lifetime, has brought you to where you are today; living and serving your Divine life purpose and soul mission with passion, confidence and enthusiasm.”

Imperfection Has Made Our Marriage Perfect

It wasn’t love at first sight. I met Julie through a few friends of mine 22 years ago, and after getting her number, didn’t call her back for 2 weeks.

After leaving maybe 20 messages on her answering machine (which today we call “stalking”) she called me back, reluctantly, and we spoke for three hours.

I knew I was going to marry her on our first official date. It was love at second sight.

Your Best Friend is Also Your Guide

You are born into this life with the ability to access many different forms of support, assistance and guidance.  There are essentially two categories: Internal (non-physical) and External (physical). Internal support, your IGS or Internal Guidance System, can consist of your intuition, spirit guides like departed loved ones, your future self or parallel selves, your higher power or guardian angels.

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