My Family


There was a time when I believed I knew “Who” I was

Comfortable with the quiet in my mind

And the dependable spin of the World


Soon, destiny would speak

Our lives on a path of synchronicity

Heading for each other

Would hurt deep when we fought


Would smile at your happiness


Would give my life for yours


There was a time when I believed I knew “Who” I was

And then you spoke to my Soul in silence

And it all changed.



Would soon change my life


Would soon change our lives


Would become everything I could ever ask for


Would become the only one I couldn’t live without



Would just “Be” when we were together




A tiny princess

She has stepped into this world

With the universe mirrored

In her tiny crystal clear eyes

Translucent but dense with wonderment

I see awe in them

And gentleness

I see her fire that burns my eyes

I see her past…

She is an old soul

I see her present…

Her confidence her thoughts of invincibility

Her adventure and her love and spirit

I see her future….

All those whom she has touched

All those whom have been given moments

And they tell me, without words

That she is special and a gift from somewhere else

And I tell them that she is my little girl

And I tell them to be gentle with her and love her forever

As I do



I want to look into his eyes

Eyes of wonder

Eyes of clarity and simplicity

Not clouded with experience

And hold his face gently in my hands

I want to tell him

To dance and laugh

To swim and play tag

I want to tell him

To get messy and eat lots of popcorn

I want to tell him

To love himself and appreciate himself

To be gentle with himself

And remember that if he believes he can do it

Then he can!

He can be a Superhero and a Wolf

He can be Spiderman

And he can fly

I want to tell him

That it is O.K. to make mistakes

…But, I guess the really important things he has to dream on his own

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