64 Truths

These are 64 of my truths, my beliefs:

  1. You envision and create the world around you through your thoughts, beliefs and emotions.
  2. You are responsible for the life you live.
  3. You are a decision maker in your birth and death.
  4. There is no such thing as a “victim.”
  5. We are all mirrors for each other.
  6. Triggering behaviors from others are a reflection of our own behaviors.
  7. Judgement of any kind is always self judgement.
  8. Disruptive thought and emotions create illness.
  9. There is no past or future, only the present.
  10. Since energy cannot be created or destroyed, our physical bodies are recycled when they cease to exist, but the real “I”, our soul, lives on.
  11. Your consciousness has lived different lives through reincarnation.
  12. Typically, you reincarnate with the same group over and over again.
  13. You will experience multiple lives as different genders, races and religions.
  14. Your children are here to teach you valuable lessons about yourself.
  15. There are no past or parallel lives – only simultaneous lives.
  16. Since time does not exist, there is a “YOU” that has already made every decision you will make in your lifetime.
  17. Meditation offers you access to your higher/future self for direction when you feel stuck.
  18. Focusing on your breath is an effective way to bring you into the present.
  19. When you are feeling anxiety, you are stuck in the future.
  20. When you are feeling guilt you are stuck in the past.
  21. Light is information.
  22. Love is creation.
  23. We are all energy.
  24. Sound can heal physical illness.
  25. You are more than your physical body.
  26. You are spirit in a physical body.
  27. Your soul is a portion of a larger oversoul.
  28. There is a universal database that houses all thought and experience and it’s called the Akashic records.
  29. We live in a Holographic Universe.
  30. Everything, and that means everything, in our world is connected.
  31. Free will is a universal law.
  32. The harm you inflict on others is ultimately inflicted on you.
  33. Time is malleable.
  34. From our present, we exert force upon the past and future.
  35. There is no condition you cannot change, except those accepted at birth like a missing organ or other lack of function.
  36. Do not give conscious consideration to any events you do not want to happen.
  37. Focusing thought on any event, energizes its occurrence and continuation.
  38. If you are in a difficult situation; first, begin living in the present moment; second, refuse to worry; and third, if your thoughts do touch on the problem, imagine the best possible solution.
  39. You work out your life’s issues in the dream state.
  40. You design your life in the dream state.
  41. You have access to other non-physical dimensions in the dream state and often times visit them during sleep.
  42. Your imagination envisions that which has not happened yet and is the driving force behind manifesting concepts into physical reality.
  43. Activated by your imagination, all Innovation and advancement are realized in the dream state – “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.” – William Arthur Ward. 
  44. Your body has 7 energy centers and they are called Chakra’s.
  45. Blockages in any of your 7 Chakra Centers: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third-Eye and Crown cause illness and disease.
  46. The Earth has 7 Chakra Centers: Mount Shasta, United States; Lake Titicaca, Peru/Bolivia; Uluru & Kata Tjuta, Australia; Glastonbury and Shaftsbury, England; Pyramid of Giza, Egypt; Kailash, Tibet.
  47. The day, time and place of your birth are not arbitrary, but rather the results of your elaborate plan.
  48. Your horoscope can help explain the flow of your life.
  49. Nature, in all of its manifestations, is here to support and teach us about life in physical form.
  50. Conflict equals growth – unless the conflict is violent.
  51. Violence is NEVER the answer.
  52. War does not attract Peace. War attracts War, Peace attracts Peace.
  53. Contrast within our lives create balance – without Hate you would not understand Love, without Disconnection you would not understand Attraction.
  54. You are here to serve others.
  55. By accepting that service to others is paramount, we acknowledge the idea that there is no division between “us” and the “world at large”.
  56. Service to others begins with becoming the best version (self-acceptance and self-love) of ourselves.
  57. Meaningful change can begin with as little as a 2-degree shift.
  58. If you want to manifest anything, dwell upon it for a while and imagine it emerging into existence, then, forget about it for 2 weeks.
  59. Your life’s experiences will become more alive the moment you detach from their outcomes.
  60. Perfection is NOT a destination, but rather a method for progress and the attainment of excellence.
  61. Speak kindly of yourself because words are energy.
  62. The more you consume your time doing what you love, the more the universe will deliver those experiences.
  63. A posture of flexibility and give offer the best chance of weathering turbulent times.
  64. The universe speaks in whispers, with signs and through synchronicities and the only way to recognize these messages is to be present, be open and trust.

Take an audit of your current beliefs and that will help you understand the present state of your life.

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