The Power of Water

There is a reason that I have chosen to live my life in Michigan.  Let me say that I am not “stuck” here, because I have had the opportunity to move elsewhere.  But I have made the conscious and maybe a subconscious decision to stay here.  I like Michigan.  My family and friends are here, it is a great place in which to raise my children, I like the change in seasons, and the landscape.  As I have sat down to write this piece about water, I am reminded that Michigan is a state that is abundant in fresh water.  From lakes to streams and rivers water defines Michigan living.  On a subconscious level, I believe that part of my design for staying in Michigan is because of its water.

My interest in water began after watching the movie “What the Bleep”.  There was a very interesting vignette in the movie about a researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto, who had discovered some amazing properties of water.  The results of many years of testing suggested that water not only has consciousness but also has very evolved memory.  His tests were fairly simple, but the results were beyond anything that could ever be expected.  He sampled water from hundreds of sources all over the world, from lakes and rivers and dams to public water out of the tap in every city imaginable to bottled water.  The samples were frozen and a thin slice was cut from each sample and then observed under the microscope.  As you can imagine the samples all looked different.  Few were perfect crystals while most were murky, dark and resembled ink pools where the individual water molecules were unidentifiable.  And then he did an unbelievable thing:  He placed those same samples in jars and began to write different sayings on the individual jars.  Some he wrote positive affirmations like I Love You, Gratitude and Peace and some he wrote negative affirmations like: War, I hate you, and Kill.

An amazing transformation occurred with the water that had those positive affirmations written on them…they had all crystallized.  The water molecules had formed beautiful crystals like snowflakes.  Interestingly, the crystals were all different for each word like Love, Gratitude, and Peace, each exhibiting a different geometrical configuration. The samples that had negative affirmations written on them remained murky and unidentifiable, the molecules also had unique murkiness depending on what words or terms were used.  Dr. Masaru Emoto had discovered that water actually responded to the vibrational energy of words.  His experimentation would also find that water responded to music, prayer, meditation and the spoken word.  The water actually changed when the samples were played Rap music or Classical music as compared to Metal Music.  You can imagine that Beethoven formed wonderful crystals while Metal music formed that murky, ink like formations. 

There have been a number of scientists who have done similar and varied experimentation with water and have found that water has the capacity for memory.  It knows the difference between energy bodies like Mother Theresa and Hitler or can distinguish between the music of Beethoven, Bach and Metallica.  Samples of water were taken from the Fuji river in Japan before and after only minutes of prayer from a group of people.  The water in the mouth of the river, from the prayers and meditations of people standing on the shores, had actually changed the water from a dark and cloudy formation to a crystallization of the molecules.  Prayer and meditation can transform the quality of water on a grand scale.    

Waters path through nature is conscious.  Water moves through rivers and streams via gentle turns and flows,  flowing naturally over rocks and river beds and moving gently through rivers banks, water in nature follows a distinctive gently path.  While juxtaposed, water in public reclamation and distribution systems is forced through pipes of all sizes and diameters, at right angles, up and down apartment buildings, commercial buildings and residential homes.  Something as simple as the piping layout of our public water systems, affect the quality of water that comes out of the tap.  

So, here is the real question that has been posed over and over, “If your body is 70% water, how do your negative thoughts, anger, frustration’s, negative emotions and talk affect your physical body?”  You can imagine how negative thoughts and emotions can actually change your body at the molecular level. 

What about the tattoos that you put on your body?  Would positive tattoos like symbols for love, gratitude and peace actually create beautiful high vibration water crystals in your body while tattoos that expressed hatred, anger, and violence transform your body into something of a low vibrational quality?  What affects do your tattoos have on your physical body if water has memory of words and symbols?

I have learned after many hours of studying water that you can do some simple things to cleanse the water that you drink on a daily basis.  By the way, the 2 words that created the most extravagant crystals were Love and Gratitude…so that being said, here are some suggestions:

  1. Write love or gratitude on your bottled water, coffee mugs, or water jugs
  2. Before drinking, say a little prayer and give thanks for the water you are about to drink
  3. Teach your children to give thanks before they drink water
  4. On the pipe that comes into your home tape the words love and gratitude
  5. Try to put tattoos on your body that resonate with positive rather than negative energy
  6. Move through your negative thoughts and emotions quickly and replace them with forgiveness and understanding

The water that is in your food, that you drink, shower, bathe and swim in, and that remains suspended in our atmosphere has consciousness.  In knows the difference between Fear and Freedom and Joy and Anger, and it never forgets.  Remember this when you drink your next glass of water. 

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