And that my Loyal Readers, is a Wrap!

This 64 week journey really started 13 years ago when I sat down to capture my thoughts about parenting and marriage on paper. I had always heard about the positive and therapeutic affects of journaling. Now, 13 years and 63 journal entries later, I can say without a doubt, that the exercise of journaling or deep writing not only has healing effects, but provides food for the soul. I found the entire exercise deeply enriching and I learned a ton.

64 weeks after I began publishing my narratives, I have attracted 73 followers on Facebook and 67 followers on Instagram. That my friends, by most everyone’s standards, is hardly impressive. Truth be told, I never cared about the numbers. I had always felt that just the act of sharing my feelings, thoughts and experiences was an activity that so few people undertake. An honest and transparent unpacking of your life takes courage. And personal vulnerability. 

Don’t misunderstand me, the ”sharing” part was a delicate dance. 

Finding that balance between over sharing and not offering enough is challenging. There were experiences and stories that I chose not to share because they were not mine to tell. There was always this balancing act in play.   

For the 73 Facebook and 67 Instagram followers, I offered my experience and insight as a declaration for all. A statement of unity, if you will. The idea that sharing some of life’s more painful and uncomfortable experiences reveals that we are all more alike than we are different. Over the last 63 weeks people have called and texted to tell me how much they appreciate the candidness of my writings. And, many have revealed shared experiences. Each one of you have your own painful and joyful life narratives. Stories that include your children, spouses, parents, family, in-laws, friends and colleagues. Your stories, crafted by you, are a reflection of your beliefs and your access pass to the roller coaster ride that is the human experience.

So, what comes next?

In week 53, after reading my narrative about my ADHD, I was contacted by an acquaintance to be interviewed on his podcast. After the podcast, we continued communicating and at some point connected on a mutual interest. Both of us wanted to share what we have learned over the last half-century of human experience with the younger generations. Jon, through his business coaching career and me, through my metaphysical/spiritual practice will provide 16 to 28 year olds strategies to evolve their life, personal brand and career.     

Over the last 10-12 weeks we have been developing that platform. And, this is what we have built:

The Life, Personal Brand and Career Strategies they don’t teach you in school, so we will.

Something truly special has come out of Life Introduced. Something unexpected. A passion project. And, for that, I am grateful.

To all of you, a very sincere thanks for 64 weeks of your time and consideration.

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