Life After Death

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

― Albert Einstein

We are energy (the ability to do work).

We are also matter (anything that takes up space and can be weighed).

Matter = Energy

Energy = Matter

Simply, “you” are both Matter and Energy.

The “matter” part of you is your physical body.

The “energy” part of you is your soul.

When the matter that is your body ceases to exist or dies, it decomposes, turns into energy and is recycled back into the system of life.  But what happens to the energy that is your soul when we die? Well, since we know that “energy cannot be created or destroyed,” where does it go?

At the moment of death, our souls transition from our physical bodies and enter into our energy or astral or second body. When merged with our astral body, we transition to the non-physical and in this new state of existence we are able to have metaphysical or non-physical experiences. Those experiences vary from meeting loved ones that have passed on to encountering other non-physical beings to exploring other levels of consciousness and realms to reflecting upon the life that was just lived and planning the details of our next incarnation into the physical world.

At the moment of death, our souls have a number of options available to them depending on the manner of our death. For those who experience a traumatic or sudden death like being killed in action, violently passing, or overdosing, the suddenness of their passing creates confusion, fear and disorientation and this, often times, keeps the souls in limbo. Which can mean that a particular soul can remain in the place of their death going about life like there was never a death event because they don’t realize that they are dead. These troubled souls remain stuck until someone can help them transition to the next stage. The Monroe Institute’s Lifeline Program for the last 40 years has been doing just that. 

Participants help souls who often don’t know they are dead. They may be souls who died traumatically, like military personnel who were blown up. They can also include addicts who overdosed, people who died in accidents, and others who died suddenly…who are confused, afraid, disoriented, or want to go back. There are many, many circumstances and there are unique attributes to each individual soul experience.  

For example, Lifeline participants have assisted souls who were very religious in their lifetime, who believed they were sinners and going to hell. So those souls hadn’t moved on because they were afraid. The guide worked with them, took them through that belief system and helped them move on.

Participants in the Lifeline Program are people like you and me, with no real experience in soul retrieval, but rather have a passion for the exploration of consciousness. In fact, A&E did a series on the Lifeline Program at the institute.

They filmed two 30-minute episodes that focused on how Lifeline participants experienced the connection with these lost souls. A&E focused on one participant, Natalie Sudman, who helped a Civil War soldier move on. He didn’t know he was dead. In the process of assisting him, she got a lot of data about him. A&E hired a genealogist who validated the data. Natalie didn’t know anything about the Civil War, but she nailed it.”

At the moment of death, souls can also transition gently to the new non-physical state and most experiences of this nature tend to follow the same process. The newly deceased soul, now aware of their astral body, is met by a familiar energy (a family member that had passed, a spirit guide or guides and familiar people) and introduced to different realms of consciousness.

“Whatever his belief system during his last life on earth, he will be attracted to the energy level which resonates with his own belief system at the moment of transition from the physical to the non-physical. If a person is strongly catholic, for example, they would land in a realm where there is a Catholic afterlife reality created by like-minded souls.”

Robert Monroe, Far Journeys, September 14, 1987

The in-between physical lifetime is also dedicated to evaluating the most previous life’s trials and evolutions, receiving revelations and messages about you and others and decompressing from the previous life. This is all possible because “you” were the designer of the life you just led.  You, in this non-physical realm, created the script that would become the life as you know it.  That script held the lessons you chose to learn, the people you enlisted to help you along the way, and the circumstances that would best promote these learning opportunities. That is not to say that every one of us don’t possess “free will” because we absolutely do. You possess the free will to go “off-script” at any time in your life. But, we do have spirit guides to help keep us “on-script”.       

There are a few different categories of spirit guides and you have access to them.  We all have a main personal guide that has been with you your entire life and will continue to be with you until your death.  That guide has a stake in your souls development and have devoted themselves to helping you.  In addition to a “main” guide, you have a number of personal guides that also help with your soul’s development and they enter and exit our lives frequently.  Meaning we can hire and fire these guides depending on our needs. We will enlist new ones for major life changes or even trauma.  Negative guides happen when negative, big changes or trauma happen in our lives. They run specific negative energy and it feeds into our lives.

Departed loved ones are another type of spirit guide and look over you from the non-physical realm.  A mother, grandfather or friend that has chosen to be a spirit guide for you and can help in very practical ways like sending you a business opportunity or navigating your next love interest. Finally, archangels, animal spirit guides and ascended masters are all accessible and there to help you through the game of life.

Physical death is never total annihilation. Physical death offers transition to many, many non-physical realms of existence.

Many of those realms have been explored by Robert Monroe and explained in his trilogy of books: Journeys out of Body, Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey. For me and the few visits that I made to the Monroe Institute, although I did not have an out-of-body experience, I did have a number of lucid dreams and received multiple messages from my spirit guides. The experience was life changing and revealed new vistas that border and intersect our physical world that hold within them answers to many of life’s mysteries. There is no better way to understand those realms than by experiencing them yourself.

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