You have a physical body, heart, brain, appendages, organs that connect you to this life on Earth.  And, you also have a non-physical body, that connects you to many, many other places, times and people.

Call it what you will, soul, spirit, a force – the authentic “YOU,” despite the death of your physical body, continues to live on and exist in other realities. 

And, that “soul” that is within you is actually part of a greater “Oversoul.” In fact, that soul lives on in many of “yous” that are created to experience different probabilities living out your life as a parallel you in a parallel universe (  For instance, there is a David Chernow who made the decision to stay in New York and not move back to Michigan that is living out the subsequent events of that choice, as much as there is a David that never married Julie and is living out the subsequent events of that decision as a parallel self in a parallel universe. And, that goes for you and your life.  All those life decisions that you made are being experienced as if you were able to commit to both paths by a parallel self (duplicate you) in a parallel universe.  But, don’t take my word for it, take the physicist Hugh Everett III’s (, many quantum physicists and a whole bunch of metaphysicists word for it.

Since your soul continues to live on after your physical death, there is a non-physical realm that is as much a part of your overall existence as the physical one, and here are some of its characteristics.

You have the ability to reincarnate, which means that you choose to come here to experience life in the physical with all of its blessings, trauma, sadness, elation, successes and failures.  You have chosen to be here at different times and in different places. There are thousands of documented accounts of people remembering a past life.  My wife had a very lucid dream years ago that she was a slave in the 1800’s traveling on a train with her child and had secretly found her way back to the luggage compartment and was going through other peoples suitcases trying to find clothes for her baby because she was so cold. 

There is also the well documented life of James Leinenger. It’s the account of a very young boy who was obsessed with fighter planes and WWII. He was able to recount and piece together his life as a fighter pilot stationed on the USS Natoma Bay.  James knew the plane he flew in great detail, and where he was shot down (Iwo Jima), during a battle with the Japanese.  After much discovery, the boy and his family identified who he was in that prior life. His name was James Huston and “he was one of eight pilots from the ship (USS Natoma Bay) who took part in a strike against transport vessels in a harbor on nearby Chichijima, as the Japanese were preparing a buildup of troop replacements and supplies.  In fact, he recalled the name of a fellow pilot that was in his squadron at Natoma Bay, named Jack Larsen.  James and his family actually found Jack Larsen and when James was (4 years old) and Jack (80 years old) they met.  James could recall very specific details of the event and of Jack Larsen – details that only the two would know. How crazy is it that James Leinenger (the boy) met a fighter pilot that was on the same mission a lifetime before (60 years earlier) when he was James Huston?

You reincarnate with the same people repeatedly, in an effort to clear any debt that is owed and to help each other learn the lessons that you came here to work on.

Look around, those people that are close to you are probably part of your reincarnation group. You have experienced different lives during times with them.  In this life they may be your father, mother, brother, sister or friend or foe, while in another life you were their mother, father, brother, sister, friend or foe. That’s right, you lived lives as both male and female, mother and father, son and daughter, friend and enemy.

Playing different roles within our reincarnation group are not random or accidental events, but rather, well thought out decisions with the purpose of eliciting specific results.

Those results are actualizing your life’s blueprint (the areas of your personality you chose to work on) before you entered physical life. You choose your parents and siblings in this life.  You also choose the moment of your birth, right down to the year, month, day and time as well as the place. 

Have you ever met someone that you just connected with right away – like you just understood eachother?  Or, had a feeling that you know that person but never met them?  Have you ever met someone who pissed you off the moment you laid on eyes on them? Have you ever had a moment of “love at first sight”?  Have you ever dreamed of or been drawn to a certain place and not known why?  Have you ever visited a place and had a feeling that you had been there before? Do you have vivid dreams of other time periods?  Or, recurring dreams?  Or dreams of people, places and time periods that are really unfamiliar?  Do you have an affinity for other languages? Or, been drawn to another language? Have you been drawn to another culture?  Have you mastered a skill with ease? Do you have certain unexplainable fears – heights, drowning, fire, certain animals, reptiles or insects, cramped spaces, being alone, crowds, choking, fire, lightning, water, being buried alive or any not mentioned?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you just might have lived a past life.  

Explain this…

I have two kids that were totally different people when they came out of the womb. They grew up in the same house, with the same parents, with the same family, went to the same schools, went on the same vacations, went to the same summer camps and still are very different.  Why? Shouldn’t they be relatively the same with their identical upbringing and shared experiences? No…because both have lived many lives, accumulated experiences and beliefs as a result of those lives and their personalities have been shaped by their lifetimes of travels and interactions.

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