The Start of Something Extraordinary

My life changed the day I opened up the book “Many Lives, Many Masters” about 30 years ago.  The book, written by Dr. Brian Weiss, tells the true story of a doctor, who was the head of Clinical Psychology at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Miami.  It’s been 30+ years since I have read the book, but Dr. Weiss began experimenting with regression therapy in his practice.  Here is a quick definition:

Regression therapy focuses very specifically on past events and how they influence the way we behave in the present day. This is particularly relevant to those trying to overcome childhood abuse. Still, it can also apply to people who were subject to any abuse in relationships in the past.

This type of therapy involves hypnosis, which psychotherapists and hypnotherapists alike have researched. The need for hypnosis typically surrounds the fact that many practitioners1 believe that the subconscious mind can repress trauma if it was inflicted at an age before the mind could figure out how to process it. So, the practitioners are typically trying to drum up memories through hypnosis.

He began experimenting with regression therapy with a certain patient during their sessions and she was able to recall, not only intricate details of her childhood, but began recalling specific details of past lives that she had lived during other time periods and in other, very distant places.  In all, Dr. Weiss and his patient recalled 80 lives, spanning hundreds and even thousands of years, that had been lived by his patient. 

The recall of information from each one of those lives and the time “in-between” lives was truly astonishing and, through that recall, was able to reveal some insights into “Why” we are here, “What” is our purpose and “Who” we are.

During those therapy sessions, the patient was able to recall specific details of each life she lived and was able to identify the source of fears, anxieties, and emotional issues that she was experiencing in her present lifetime.  For instance, she suffered from a lifelong fear of drowning.  Through these hypnotic sessions, she bounced back 4000+ years to 1863 BC. and related drowning with her daughter (who, in this lifetime is her niece).  The detail was so vivid and the memory so intense that she began choking and gagging while describing it. Over the course of 18 months she detailed over 11 different lives, lived with many members of her current life, including Dr. Brian Weiss who was one of her teachers in ancient Greek times. Through many regression therapies, there emerged a set of guidelines that follow us, as living breathing people embarking on a voyage to experience physical life here on Earth.  Here are some of these guidelines:

  1. YOU are more than your physical body.  You are an energetic SOUL.
  2. Reincarnation is real.
  3. We tend to reincarnate with the same group of people, family, close friends & foes life after life to grow, evolve and clear our soul contracts.
  4. During the time “in-between lives” we act as the architect of our physical experience in upcoming lives – we determine the time, date, place and family we will be born into.  In addition to laying out the blueprint for our life experiences. 
  5. During the time “in-between lives” we also review our most recent physical life experiences as a way of understanding how our decisions navigate the course of our lives.
  6. All of your fears, anxieties and worries can be traced back to childhood or past life trauma.

After reading “Many Lives, Many Masters” I was blown away.  This new information was a lot to handle and I wanted to understand more of it.  And, that is when my life pivoted.  I read his other books, Only Love is RealSame Soul Many BodiesMessages from the Masters and Through Time into Healing.  With the information supplied in these books, I ignited a 30-year passion that would inspire explorations into Psychotherapy, Onsite, Meditation, Hemi-Sync, Channelling, Jane Roberts, Barbara Handclaw, Barbara Marciniak, Shamanism, Remote Viewing, OBE’s and Robert Monroe .           

Many Lives, Many Masters also, and maybe most importantly, revealed there is a design and a consciousness behind everything.  And, YOU actually have the power to not only affect that design, but the power to direct that design in any way you desire.          

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